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ANNOUNCEMENT -Indefinite Hiatus 

Hello, friends, family, fans and colleagues I am writing
this Notice to inform you that I will be taking an “indefinite hiatus” from
fine art & performance art creation. Many people have heard rumors I am
retiring and quitting art, which isn’t true. I am merely switching gears into
other areas I have always wished to explore more: like music, new media, film
& video. All my work will still be available to exhibit, and purchase via
my website and contact.

I have worked for 11 years professionally as an artist and
have enjoyed every minute of it, collaborating and meeting with some of the
best people in the world. I have travelled to my favorite places and finished
my bucket list at 38 years of age with little regrets. I have been in the art scene
in Calgary for almost 20 years and have scene things come and go. I have been
working diligently for the last 5 years since GIVN’R (2009) creating performing
and rocking it out hard. After a major failed marriage, I left to set out on a
new life, adventures and focus on my career 5 years ago. I feel really
successful in what I have achieved in that span of time and have never asked
for anything more than to change people minds about who Indigenous people might
be in this crazy fucking world today.

The decision to stop creating in fine Art & performance
wasn’t an easy one by any means; I love Art, always have and always will. 
Over a year ago I suffered a big illness with pneumonia

(my mother had it and my uncle died from it at the same time)

and massive lung infection that basically kicked my ass and more recently broke my
wrist bicycling this past spring. The Illness took me a year to recover and get
all the fluid out of my lungs and feel somewhat normal amongst 30 shows that
year & touring.  Funny how your body tells you to slow down, 
one should listen to it! Also there are probably a whack of other reasons but I won’t go into them partially cause it’s redundant art bullshit I care not to repeat for your sake.

So that being said I have made a conscious decision to slow
right the fuck down and focus on myself, Neko and other endeavors closer to
home. I love being a father (as many of my pals know), Neko is getting older,
she needs me more now than ever at home and I told myself if she needs that I
am there for her. I spent a good part of my years compromising our time by
making artwork and performing, to build an amazing career and body of work we
are both proud of. So I can safely say I have made my mark on the world and
many people, something I have always and only aspired to do, make people
think.  I am exhausted mentally /physically and have given my “all” to you the viewer, now it’s time for me to recoup. 

What will I do? What will happen next? Who knows right now
really, I have always done well with change and music is a great avenue for me.

Oh and no I don’t want to teach sorry so don’t email me and
ask me “why don’t I teach?” I have no wish to do so at this time. 

Ok so to end this whole rant and rave, “keep on rockin’ in
the free world”
I will see you around!! 
Terrance Houle