This is an installation I created with the help of the Glenbow Museum's "Connections to Collections program" in 2008. I was asked to create an art piece  using the collection or soewmthing from it. Our family has always known about the portrait of my grandmother May Weaselfat (Bloods/ Kainai) by german born NYC artist Winold Reiss. So I set out to recreate the portrait of her: Aakaisttsiiksiinaakii (Many Snake Woman) 73 years later in video. I wanted to recapture her image as I believe many of the portraits like these are or have been done in order to capture something that might be there anymore in the belief Indigenous people would cease to exist. int he process I wanted to have myself as the artist adjusting things talking with my subjects and interacting with my family, showing a living portrait in process. I first started with my Grandmother then my Mother: Maxine Weaselfat- Sacred Soaring Bird woman, my sister: Jolane Houle - Three Suns Woman and finally my own daughter: Neko- Peace Keeping Woman or Many Peace Flags Woman. I wanted to create a video piece for the matrilineal part of my family that speaks to survival and strength that they have endured via these representations of capturing something that might not be alive anymore. In fact my grandmother is alive and one of the only surviving members of Winold's Work, she has stood the test of a life as an Aboriginal woman raising 12 children 2nd gen residential school attendee, and seeing her great great great grand children. She is an elder on my Reservation and hold almost a 100 years of Blackfoot knowledge. The work features the original portrait and 4 video segments of each families portrait recreating the gaze from the original. a true work about recilliance and reconciliation.

Aakaisttsiiksiinaakii: Many Snake Woman: “The Daughters after Me”