Terrance Houle has over 13 years of professional studio art, short video/film and installation (New Media) experience, working full-time in a local, national and international professional practice with additional experiences in curation and artist-run culture. Terrance would like to share his expertise with artists (both emerging & established) in grant writing, studio visits, art business, networking and management aspects for their artist practice. He has mentored many artists and provides advice on how to start and manage a career in the arts on a contract basis.

Terrance has first-hand knowledge of how much work it takes to manage a professional career, with over 260 shows between 2010 and 2015. He has worked as an adviser, producer, adjudicator (for funding), collaborator and director for many artists, organizations and funding bodies (provincial and federal) , learning tips and tricks along the way. He has written and edited grants for artists who have gone on to successful careers, as well as mentored artists in producing or curating for galleries, film/video, installations and performance.

Terrance has a background in First Nations art with traditional plains people’s knowledge and practices,
as well as First Nations Awareness in the arts. He works closely with many Indigenous artists from all art practices and backgrounds.

CONTACT TERRANCE HERE for more information and consulting rates.

Artist Career Development

  • Artist Curriculum Vitae, Biography & Art Statements
  • Studio Organization
  • Starting a Studio Art Practice
  • Applying to Artist Run Centres
  • Portfolio Organization (slides, statements & information)
  • Mentorship
  • Career Management
  • Contracts and Agreements
  • CARFAC support
  • Studio Visits


  • How to apply for grants
  • How to apply for Gallery, festivals (new media, art & film/video)
  • How to apply for residencies or internships
  • Grant editing

Networking and Communication

  • Social Media
  • Website
  • Marketing your own artwork
  • Networking your artwork to the best market or audience.
  • Creating a network for your practice.

Aboriginal Art

  • Aboriginal Awareness
  • Aboriginal grants & funding
  • Contemporary Artist
  • Writing grants, CV, Bios & Artist statements
  • Networking
  • Artist Galleries, Festivals and Conferences

Providing unique art consulting for artists interested in professional advice in the areas of contemporary art career development, grant/proposal writing, applications, networking, marketing and production. Contact Me


Contemporary Art, Aboriginal Art and Production

Select Current/Past Projects: 

Artist: Eric Heitmann link (Calgary) 2015-16

  • Grant writing/ editing for application 
  • Production budget
  • Script development
  • Producing OUROBOROS: Video 1(2016) - 
  • Networking- Festivals and online
  • Art direction, camera and set design

Artist: The Sky Beings: Collaborative Project (Calgary) 2015-16

  • Aboriginal art/culture consultant
  • Project collaborator
  • Grant writing
  • Technical advisor

​Artist: Jessie Short link 2015

  • Art direction for WAKE UP! Video performance.
  • Technical advisor
  • Mentoring: performance

Artist: Tim Moore link & Slate Gallery 2009-2015

  • Mentorship
  • Art consulting on exihibtion- A Day At The Races Mann Gallery Prince Albert, SaskI
  • Installation, video & new media mentorship (Saskatoon)