This is an installation I developed (2009) in conjunction with the Indigenous Peoples Art Collective (Prince Albert) and now defunct Red Shift Gallery, (Saskatoon) Sask. I was asked by IPAC to mentor Tim Moore a photo/multimedia artist out of PA, to design and create a new media exhibition at Red Shift Gallery. In the mentorship Tim I wanted to show him ways to experiment and look at projection throw in an installation sense. I get really obsessed by certain ideas, one was to create some sort of installation with rear view mirrors from vehicles or shoot video with them somehow. So Tim and I went to the junker and found a whole slew of different mirrors and went back to the gallery to figure out how to piece this installation together with projection. On our way driving around I also took footage from the backseat of Tim driving around Saskatoon looking into the rearview mirror, we also hung a dreamcatcher from his cars mirror like so many people do.  The footage would zoom into the his eyes looking back in the mirror and pan in and out or down to the deem catcher. Once we got to the gallery and experimented with throw it became obvious how the mirrors would react to a projector. The image was thrown back to the opposite wall and constrained to the shape of the mirror. I decided i would put 15 mirrors on the wall and project the video through. I didn't know what to expect with the footage we shot prior, the process made the video fracture in a sense and break up the video. After adjustments it became clear how intense and dark the work suddenly became, a mysterious man watching you from a rear-view mirror, eyeing the audience while driving around. In creating some of my work the ideas are there on many levels it is usually when i fully install after experimenting that the implications of my process become evident and I can survey the work. The installation when complete became apparently dark/ominous with what seemed to feel like an abduction or implication of something bad about to happen.  

note: Your Dreams Are Killing My Culture is in the National Gallery Art Collection  

Your Dreams Are Killing My Culture 

In 2012, I revisited the mirror install aspect of "Dreams" and incorporated performance,pile of dirt, different video (night driving and buffalos) along with a live musical component (playing an excerpt from the Beans - 48 Hours Revisited in guitar/singing). It was again an experiment of using video installation with performance and ideas of dreams and my namesake, iinniiwahkiimah (Buffalo herder).

images from Two Story Cafe festival from IPAC in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Spring 2014 I was asked to do a residency at L'Ecar in Rouyan-Noranda, QB for two weeks. Once again inspired to revisit the "Dreams" mirrors I set out to create an installation that spoke about language. Local Musician Mathieu from the High Kicks punk band and new media artist Ariel Smith helped me use Native American sign language & signals to create a performance video no one will be able to understand. using the mirrors to fragment and subvert our use of this language by breaking the image up completely, so as the audience would have to forever struggle to understand the text we are performing. 

Remounted at Art Gallery of Alberta 2014