Full List Videos: Film, Installation and Performance:

The Final Frontier (2003)
COWS (2003)
Wagon Burner (2003)
The Metrosexual Indian (2005)
Buckskin Mounting (performance) (2006)
Landscape (2008)
Canoe (2009) (performance)

Sacred Soaring Bird Woman (2009)
Canoe (2009) (performance)
Man Snake Woman: daughters after me (2008)
All For You (clip) (ongoing)

Friend or Foe series: (2010-2015)
#1 Calgary/Nelson (2010-11)
#2 Colombia (2012)
#5 Dawson city (2014)
#7 Toronto (2015)

The Mess You Got Us Into (2010) (performance)
National Indian Leg Wrestling League of North America (2011-12)
JALOPY (2013) (performance)-excerpt

Things Even A Drunk Will Never Forget: Markham (2013)
Installation #1- Markham Horse Song
Installations #2-3 Markham Love Song & Markham Murder Ballad

Isstahpikssi (Ghost)- Trailer (2013)
Isstahpikssii: part 1 (2014)

GHOST DAYS Promo (2015)

Music Videos:
Lulla- Lucid 44
Matt Masters- Soldier
GEIST- Fissures







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Soldier (Music Video)- Matt Masters (2008) 

Matt Masters link: here

Fissures (Music Video)- GEIST (2012) 

Geist link: here

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